If you have landed on this site it is because we have caught your interest and it is time to tell you something about us.

The Italian Shop was born with a clear idea: life is too short to eat badly! 

What do we mean? The last few years have taught us that every moment is precious and must be used to live better and, above all, to eat better.

For us Italians, food is not just a way of satisfying a need, it is a pleasure and a moment of peace and joy in a life full of obstacles.

Obstacles have never frightened us and that is why we have always been committed to bringing organic products to our customers' tables, grown without pesticides or chemicals, created by expert hands that know what food is.

Behind this work there is a great study of the products and a great effort that allow us to offer you unique products that are difficult to find in supermarkets and retail chains.

We are conscious of having different prices from the average, but they are motivated by the time, care and love we put into selecting every single product that you can see and touch in our shops.

We have Italian taste and passion.
We have the sun in our hearts and hands dirty with the soil of our ancestors.

We want to spread the Italian spirit and we need your help to do it.

Ready to shop?

Now that you know us a little better we can show you our treasure: food!
In the search bar you can indicate the Italian region you are most excited about and find the typical products of that area.

We have tried to create many collections so that you can find everything we have in an organised way.

If you have any questions about Italian food, you can find us everywhere: facebook, instagram, email, phone number.

We want to make your taste buds happy and we are sure we will succeed!


About us

A few years ago, Egidio, the father of The Italian Shop, came to the UK with just one idea: to bring the tradition and culture of Italian cuisine to which he has always been deeply linked and opened the first shop in Westerham.

After a few years Roberta also arrived from Italy, to help Egidio in an important mission: to bring Italy to your tables.

In October 2020 we opened the second shop in Oxted and in May 2020 we opened the third shop in Tunbridge Wells.

So now you can find us in WesterhamOxted and Tunbridge Wells.

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